Martin Muntenbruch


New website

Since 1999 has grown from a simple home page to a professional website. October 2007 marks its relaunch as a Web 2.0 era, php powered interactive tool for clients, team members and fans. year 2004

A new Login page has been added to access up-to-date production information and call sheets. Clients can preview shootings online and download files via secure FTP.

Visitors are greeted by an Electronica soundscape and picture galleries are now served as convenient pop up “players” which allow instant access to images without Flash technology.

RSS Feeds, social networking, online feedback and SkypeOut support have been included in the redesign. The site now sports cutting edge blue tool tips and provides clear and direct navigation.

Privacy concerns have been addressed by offering PGP encrypted email and iPhone users can connect by simply tapping on any phone number.

Design, content and code by Martin Muntenbruch.

Detailed list of features